Barbra Streisand ‘could have been Britain’s first Jewish princess’

Barbra Streisand ‘could have been Britain’s first Jewish princess’

New book claims to reveal secrets Royal rivalries and relationships

Jacqueline Gordon is a journalist

Britain could have had its first Jewish Princess – or even Queen – according to a new book claiming to reveal secrets Royal rivalries and relationships.   

Game of Crowns, written by Christopher Anderson, claims that Prince Charles was once infatuated with Barbra Streisand after meeting her on the set of the movie Funny Lady in 1974.

The pair shared coffee and a conversation for 20 minutes following their first encounter – something Streisand said could have given her the upper hand in the contest to be a royal bride – if she hadn’t been so nervous about meeting the prince.

Charles later wrote: “I still contend she has great sex appeal.”

Fate brought the pair together once again some 20 years later in London when Streisand performed for the Prince’s Trust Charity in April 1994 at Wembley Arena. After serenading the soon-to-be-divorced Prince, she apparently joked about what the headlines would make of them as a couple.

At a Los Angeles gala later that year the two grew closer over an intimate ‘tea date’ at a Bel-Air Hotel where Prince Charles was staying.

Suggesting the couple were ‘very affectionate’, a housekeeper is quoted as saying they were flustered when she surprised the pair in Charles’ study.

Charles is even rumoured to have kept a framed photograph of Streisand on his wall in his quarters at Buckingham Palace and in Cambridge.

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