Watch Live: Jewish News-BICOM Balfour Centenary Conference

Watch Live: Jewish News-BICOM Balfour Centenary Conference

Tune in live from Parliament as leading policy makers, journalists, academics and diplomats discuss the most pressing issues for Israel and the Middle East

Welcome to the Jewish News-BICOM Balfour Centenary Conference, where the causes and consequences of the Balfour Declaration will be examined, 100 years to the day since Britain issued the landmark statement expressing support for the creation of a Jewish national home.

We have brought together top speakers from the UK, Israel and the US to engage with a specially invited audience of policy makers, think tank representatives, journalists and diplomats from around the world – and you can watch it live on our video stream.

Among the speakers at today’s event – held in association with Balfour 100 – will be a senior UK government minister, shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry and Sir Simon McDonald, head of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office diplomatic service, as well as Sir Malcolm Rifkind, former defence and foreign minister, and Isaac Herzog, Israel’s opposition leader. 

Through a series of keynote speeches and panel discussions which you can watch live through our video stream, the conference will tackle a number of key topics. These include the causes and consequences of the Balfour Declaration, a century of British policy in the Middle East, as well as the current challenges and future opportunities, including what comes after ISIS, the Syrian civil war and hopes for an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.

It is the third annual policy conference highlighting the UK-Israel relationship held by Jewish News and BICOM.

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