Axe-wielding Gazan man killed trying to enter Israel

Axe-wielding Gazan man killed trying to enter Israel

Palestinian man identified as Ramzi Najjar of Khan Younis armed with blade, is shot dead while trying to infiltrate into the Jewish state

A Gaza Palestinian armed with an axe was killed as he tried to enter Israel through the security fence.

A second man was injured when Israeli troops opened fire Monday as the infiltrators attempted to enter Israel through a breach they made in the fence, according to the Israel Defence Forces. The wounded Palestinian returned to the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian officials identified the dead man as Ramzi Najjar of Khan Younis.

It is not known how he may be related to Razan Najjar, 21, of Khan Younis, a female paramedic who was killed Friday as she cared for injured Palestinian protesters on Gaza’s border with Israel.

It was the second time in two days that Palestinians from Gaza breached the border fence. On Saturday, a group of Palestinians cut through the fence and set shipping containers belonging to a civilian company alight before returning to Gaza.

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