Anti-Semitic messages daubed on London benches

Anti-Semitic messages daubed on London benches

Police looked into the incident, but due to a lack of forensic evidence and eye witness accounts, leads are limited

Police have looked into anti-Semitic messages scrawled on benches in North London this week.

A bench on Clapton Common near a synagogue was daubed with graffiti. The graffiti in the area, which has a significant strictly Orthodox Jewish community said ‘stop bombing kids’, ‘free palestine’ and ‘Nazi = Zionist’.

Posted on social media by neighbourhood watch group Shomrim, the incident was reported to the police after it was spotted on Tuesday.

A police spokesperson said they “were made aware of an alleged hate crime regarding graffiti left on a park bench in Clapton Common, Hackney, on Tuesday August 30. This was recorded as a faith hate crime, and investigated but due to the lack of forensic evidence or any eye witnesses there are not currently any leads officers can pursue..”

Shomrim added on Twitter, that the graffiti was anti-Semitic because the “location targets Jews, and the graffiti wording meets criteria of “working definition of anti-Semitism

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