Anti-Israel sentiment goes into overdrive online

Anti-Israel sentiment goes into overdrive online

Hundreds of messages and images attacking the State of Israel have been posted on the internet after fighting in the Gaza Strip intensified over the weekend.2

Protests in many of the major cities across the world have called for an end to Israeli military action but suspicions abound in the British Jewish community that those pretending only to be anti-Israel are actually just anti-Semitic.

3In one such image (pictured, right), which was posted and re-tweeted by organisations including Muslim aid groups, European nations, the US and the UN are shown as silencers on Israeli guns.

In another image (pictured, left), which was also widely circulated on social media, an Israeli missile is shown as a pen being used to mark crosses through Palestinian families.

Elsewhere, video clips on YouTube are being posted to YouTube purporting to show the injured in Gaza, but other news media organisations, such as the BBC, have showered such footage in doubt after revealing that several images were either of old campaigns or even of other countries.

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