Analysis: What next for the latest ‘right-right’ government?

Analysis: What next for the latest ‘right-right’ government?

Public opinion expert and political analyst Dahlia Scheindlin picks apart the Israeli election results

Dahlia Scheindlin

Dahlia is a public opinion expert and political analyst

If the next government is a right-right government led by Likud with mostly right-wing parties, it will continue the path of the outgoing right-right government.

The outgoing justice minister [Ayelet Shaked] speaks for many on the right when she talks about curbing the power of Israel’s Supreme Court, restraining the judiciary and generally weakening the independence of the judiciary in favour of more political control. For the right this is becoming a major focus, even bordering on obsession.

There is also a lot of talk legitimising the idea of annexation in the West Bank. Even the prime minister appealed to right-wing voters with his call to annex Area C, speaking of settlements outside the blocs as well. We can expect to see that process happen in practice. I don’t know if he will do it legally, formally, but it hardly matters – the de facto process is already going on and it will probably accelerate.

Dahlia Scheindlin

We can also expect to see more involvement of religion in public life. This has always been an issue in Israel but the next education minister and culture minister will continue boosting the level of Jewish education in public schools, probably at the expense of civics and democracy. We will also see the continuing hold over most areas of personal status by the ultra-Orthodox.

Although unlikely, if there is a national unity government whereby Blue and White join Likud, there may be less moves towards de facto annexation. I don’t see a major push for a two-state solution, but there may be some progress in negotiations. A government like that would probably limit the influence of religion in public life and roll-back the erosion of the independence of the judiciary.

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