An audience with former Sderot mayor David Bouskila

An audience with former Sderot mayor David Bouskila

Justin Cohen is the News Editor at the Jewish News

The mayor of Sderot was the guest honour at a central London event kick-starting JNF UK’s major annual appeal last weekend.

David Bouskila, who headed the southern town for 15 years until the last elections, spoke about life in the Negev, Israel-Diaspora relations and the peace process during an on-stage interview by the Jewish News Justin Cohen at the Soho Hotel. Bouskila also addressed shuls and other audiences in London and Birmingham ahead of this weekend’s Green Sunday appeal, which is raising funds towards an Early Childhood Centre in Yerucham in the Negev.

Bouskila said: “I wish for the Jewish community in Britain to continue to support JNF UK’s work so that the Negev can continue to grow.”

JNF UK Chair Samuel Hayek said the event provided “a gripping, first-hand account of the harsh reality of living in the Negev. We were honoured to hear the former Mayor of Sderot, David Bouskila, sharing remarkable tales of how communities in the Negev have journeyed through adversity and hope, and speaking about JNF UK’s immeasurable contribution to transforming the quality of life for the people of the region.”

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