Alyth kids up for the cup…

Alyth kids up for the cup…

CUPSunday sees Alyth White take on Hendon United Green in the U8 Minor Cup Final at The Hive.

The Whites started life at the start of this season as a brand new team to the league – a majority of the players coming from the same school Akiva, with their star midfielder Gabby Stern (the only girl in team) from the start showing what a great part she would play for them this season.

Manager Jamie Warwick says: “We started slow as any new team would be once we got some wins behind us we gathered momentum, beating our eventual opponents for Sunday’s Cup final 3-1 in the league. We’ve had some great positives coming out from our wins and losses too.

“Our last league game is against the Jets who beat us 3-1. I think this will be a good test for us to face a tough opponent as it will get the kids to play at their fullest to try an overcome a top team in the league.”


“Our first cup game was against HENDON RED who were knocked out of the major cup.

“It was a wet and windy kick off for our cup game against the unstoppable Hendon Red. It wasn’t long before we went behind but and shortly after the first we were two goals behind, once again out heads didn’t drop there was great passion great passing from everyone Zakary and Jamie kept showing fight in the awful conditions. Soon enough we clawed our way back to 2-2 with brilliant initiative from Seth Cohen and Luke Godfrey who caught the goalie by surprise with a great strike, we were playing like a different team to when we played against Hendon earlier on in the league.Our new player Ori Sapir who certainly meant business covering all parts of the pitch!. Sadly a counter from our corner led to another Hendon goal but once again we battled on sliding tackles headers from Eitan and Joni and coming close to scoring then in the last 2 minutes a counter led by Luke who seemed to run the length of the pitch shot and scored a sensational goal!!

“Going to penalties, the boys took it turns the suspense was massive all the parents/crowd came on the pitch..and amazingly with a great save from Matan and our awesome penalty takers Luke, Beni, Seth and Ori we had WON!!! Some very exhilarated parents and a very proud and happy manager also!


The team were excited at the thought of the cup semi final and didn’t disappoint. Within the opening two minutes we got a penalty unfortunately Ori Sapir hit the post. However, it wasn’t long before we took the lead and this time Ori didn’t miss. The team were then pulled back to 1-1 just before half time. In the second half HMH took the lead but the AB white kept pushing forward and were rewarded with second goal scored by Luke Godfrey closely followed by Ori getting his second of the game. With only a minute to go HMH Eilat got a third themselves leaving the match to be resolved in a nail biting penalty shoot out, which we won with some superb finishing and great Super saves by Matan Goldman.

“As for the game today we won on penalties 4-3 after drawing the game 3-3 (Ori Sapir (2) and Luke Godfrey (1)

“We are going into the final with great confidence with the help of our key trainer Ivan we have been working on our strengths and weaknesses. we are looking confident and with heads high after beating teams that have been playing together much longer than ourselves! we have a stronger belief game by game each player has each shown the full commitment and passion to the team cause.

“I am extremely proud of my team and have seen the team go through all kind of emotions the most important thing is that they have all enjoyed their football, and I also believe there is some great talent coming through. I have great belief in the kids and I really want them to play as well as they have played in their better games..I believe we will win the game and Im very passionate about the future of our irrespective of the result.

“Thanks again to all the Alyth Belsize whites parents for all their fantastic support throughout the season and my assistant Simon Godfrey has also helped the team out with me..

“I’m looking forward to our second season next year…withy much on my part learnt training with the kids and also on match days we will only become a more successful team next year!”

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