All Aboard charity shop burglary damage may be ‘into the thousands’

All Aboard charity shop burglary damage may be ‘into the thousands’

Thieves break into Jewish charity shop for the seventh time in as many months, as chief executive claims they are seen as a 'soft target'

All Aboard Golders Green
All Aboard Golders Green

Jewish charity with shops in north London has been targeted by thieves for the seventh time in as many months, the latest attack coming after staff were threatened at knife-point.

The boss of All Aboard this week told of his “frustration” after the latest in a string of break-ins, this time at the chain’s Golders Green shops.

The latest incident occurred at one of All Aboard’s shops on Finchley Road, CCTV showing a man breaking in through the front, before gaining access to the rear of the shop. The charity said the damage and loss of takings would be “several thousand”.

It follows a terrifying ordeal in February when a man wielding a knife entered the same shop and demanded the till’s takings. The manager was able to get the customers out and lock the man in the shop, but he broke the window to escape. The manager then followed him all the way home and called the police, who arrested the perpetrator and retrieved the knife.

This week the charity’s chief executive Alan Haynes said: “This is very frustrating. Charity shops are seen as a soft target as they don’t normally have burglar alarms or other security measures. We have had to spend a large amount of additional money on CCTV systems and other security measures to deter further break-ins.”

He added that whilst the charity was insured, the break-ins were pushing up their premiums. “It diverts hard-earned income raised by our shops to pay for the extra security measures rather than going to the charities we support,” he said.

“It is also really hard on our staff and volunteers who come in see the damage in the morning. They are visibly distressed and very upset.”

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