‘Adolf Hitler’ and ‘B’stard Son Of Netanyahu’ help fund Corbyn’s legal costs

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‘Adolf Hitler’ and ‘B’stard Son Of Netanyahu’ help fund Corbyn’s legal costs

A Go Fund Me page set up to finance the former Labour leader's court battles has raised £235,000 due in part to the generosity of self-proclaimed racists.

Jeremy Corbyn’s legal battles against antisemitism whistleblowers and journalist John Ware are being bankrolled by donations from self-proclaimed racists, Jewish News can reveal.

A Go Fund Me page set up for the former Labour leader has raised £235,000 in just two days thanks in part to the generosity of individuals identifying as “Adolf Hitler” and “B’stard Son Of Netanyahu & Starmer”.

Other donor names include ‘Bored Of Deputies’, ‘Benjamin Netanyahu’ and “John Ware’s Mum’, while ‘Jack T’, who gave £20, wrote that Corbyn had been targeted “by people within the Labour Party working on behalf of the racist State of Israel’.

A further three donations have been fraudulently made in the names of two of the most prominent Jewish Corbyn critics, @mishtal and @GnasherJew.

‘Adolf Hitler’ has donated £5 to the cause.

The page was set up by Carole Morgan, who wrote: “The funds on this campaign will not be touched and remain on hold by GoFundMe until the details for distribution have been established with Jeremy’s office and I will continue to provide updates as they become available.”

She added: “I am outraged by the unrelenting attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, a man who only ever wanted the best for the people of this country, and who lead with humility, integrity and honesty.

Among the most generous donors are former deputy leader of Liverpool City Council Derek Hatton who’s given £1,000, prominent anti-Israel campaigner and Labour member Susanne Levin who’s offered £500 and music producer Brian Eno, who’s provided £500.

The Times reports that Ian Austin, who quit the Labour Party due to Corbyn’s leadership, has called on Corbyn to refuse money from donors expressing racist views.



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