Adam’s record swim

Adam’s record swim

Adam Warner claimed his fastest time of the season at the European Aquatics Championships

Andrew Sherwood is the Jewish News Sport and Community Editor

Swimmer Adam Warner recorded his fastest time at the European Aquatics Championships – meaning he’s now ranked tenth in Europe and the world.

Finishing 10th in the 800m free and 17th in the 400m free at the London Aquatics Centre, he said: “I’m very pleased with my performance, this year has been very tough as I haven’t been able to train to my full potential, but I achieved both season bests.

“My pool season has been tough this year, but to achieve what I have in such a short time, I couldn’t be happier.”

He now switches attention to the start of the open water season, which begins with a 5k in Lake Windermere in the Great North Swim.

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