Adam Science leadership scheme opens up

Adam Science leadership scheme opens up

Twenty-somethings from the British Jewish community are being invited to apply for the new Adam Science leadership programme, replacing the previous one-year course with an optional three-month version.

Following a rethink of the 23-year-old programme, which in the past took 12 youngsters, organisers say up to 50 people can now attend a broader foundation course focusing on Jewish communities in Britain, Europe and Israel, and their place in the wider voluntary sector.

Held over three months, with a meeting every month, participants would then have the choice of applying for a further advanced course, involving mentoring from community leaders.

Named after a promising young lay leader who was killed in a car accident, the programme was run for 20 years by UJIA, but in 2011 was taken over by Lead, the leadership development division of the Jewish Leadership Council.

Lead’s Karen Danker said: “We’re excited about it. When something’s been running for a long time it’s good to take a break, shake it up a bit.”

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