Activists challenge charity on ’fake guns’ for Israel Apartheid Week

Activists challenge charity on ’fake guns’ for Israel Apartheid Week

WoW imageJewish activists have been accused of “playing with people’s lives” after challenging a charity that gave fake guns to students ahead of Israel Apartheid Week.

The startling accusation came from the director of War on Want (WoW), who was approached by Israel supporters outside his offices.

Accused by blogger Richard Millett of irresponsibly fanning the flames of hate, John Hillary replied: “You’re being really irresponsible by using the current attacks on Jews in Europe for political purposes to support the Zionist dream.”

He continued: “I think it’s extraordinary that you’re prepared to play with people’s lives like that.”

Hillary denied that his organisation was involved in “propaganda” and explained: “We focus on the apartheid regime Israel has imposed on the Palestinians, the denial of basic human rights to the Palestinian people and the construction of illegal settlements.”

On the issue of guns, he said: “We’re trying to raise people’s understanding of the sort of military oppression the Palestinian people are facing.”

War on Want is currently supporting the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, which this week championed a protest outside premises in Brighton used by Israeli defence manufacturer Elbit, which provides Britain with drones based on a design developed in action over Gaza.

From War on Want's website
From War on Want’s website


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