Acting ambassador: ‘Israel ready for “painful compromises” for two states’

Acting ambassador: ‘Israel ready for “painful compromises” for two states’

Jack Mendel is the Online Editor at the Jewish News.

Israel’s acting ambassador to the UK, says Israel is ready for “painful compromises” to get peace with the Palestinians in a two state solution, writes Jack Mendel at Limmud.

Speaking to the Jewish News, Eitan Na’eheitan na'eh, said “the only solution” was two states. “Yes we are capable of making peace. Yes we support a Two State Solution. Yes we’re ready for painful compromises, and yes we want a negotiated peace.. so that we live in peace side by side.”

He added, that Israel has proved “since very early on in our history that we are capable and willing for compromise, even painful compromise, for peace”.

On the Palestinians, he said they were a partner for peace, but added: “What the Palestinians are wiling and not willing to do you’ll have to ask the Palestinians.”

On settlements he said they were “clearly” up for debate. “Talks about security about borders, settlements, and other issues are part of the final stages of negotiations.

We said openly a few times, that all these are on the table and we are ready to negotiate.

We know what we want.”

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