A legacy for Evie: Making family gatherings in the new ‘going out’

A legacy for Evie: Making family gatherings in the new ‘going out’

 Camp Simcha has launched a campaign to offer respite to parents caring for children needing special care which puts strain on families

Joe Millis is a journalist

The Bladon family with little Evie
The Bladon family with little Evie

 Camp Simcha has launched a campaign to make family nights in the new going out.

Called “Evie’s Night In”, it is the brainchild of 10-year-old Alfie
Bladon and his nine-year-old sister Mia, the older siblings of Evie Bladon.

Evie was born in 2012. Oxygen deprivation during her birth resulted in severe brain damage, with doctors saying they did not expect her to survive beyond 48 hours.

However, Evie turned out to be a fighter who went on to celebrate three birthdays with her family, although the 24-hour care she needed put an enormous strain on her parents, Sam and Lee, as well as Alfie and Mia.

Now the Bladon children are asking everyone to have a Night In. Ideas include a dinner party, quiz night, poker night, sleepover, film night… there are an enormous number of  possibilities, they say.

The idea is to invite some friends and, ask them to donate on the night to help someone else, instead of bringing flowers, wine or chocolates.

Alfie explained: “If you have a child with lots of needs, the parents have to work really hard.

“Respite meant Mummy and Daddy could recharge their energy.”

Mia agreed, adding: “Mum and Dad were always in a better mood the next day!”

Sam explained that every night of support would make a world of difference. “Our hope is that we can raise enough funds for Evie’s Night Owls to become an ongoing service through Camp Simcha,” he said.

“All families like ours, who need respite but aren’t eligible for it, can get this regular support from carers they come to know and trust.

“We hope this initiative will be Evie’s legacy.”


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