Three Faiths Forum: Tracing journeys of belief in a connected world

Three Faiths Forum: Tracing journeys of belief in a connected world

FRONT BOTTOM Katy and Rebecca Beinart

A display of work featuring artists of various religious beliefs has opened at a gallery in the East End, with two Jewish sisters among those exhibiting, writes Suzanne Baum.

Photographs and objects designed by Katy and Rebecca Beinart, including Offere (right), are among several pieces of work on show at the exhibition, Navigations: Tracing Journeys of Belief in a Connected World being run by the Three Faiths Forum (3FF), whose work aims to build understanding between people of different backgrounds.

The forum’s annual Urban Dialogues programme has commissioned works by  artists of different faiths and non-religious heritages since 2010.

“The programme gives artists the opportunity to create work through a process of reflection and dialogue, acknowledging difference as well as discovering similarities and points of contact along the way,” explained 3FF director Stephen Shashoua.

“Recent events in the Middle East have shown how closely linked the international and the local are today. While we cannot directly influence developments over there, we can work to stop the hostilities spilling over into our own neighbourhoods.

“Events like this exhibition, where people come together in open and mutually respectful dialogue, are crucial to protecting the relations between our communities that we are now working so hard to build.”

Running alongside the exhibition will be a three-week programme of talks, performances and workshops.

• Navigations: Tracing journeys of belief in a connected world runs from 3 to 21 September at The Red Gallery, Rivington Street, London EC2A 3DT. Details: 


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