150 students enjoy Shabbat dinner with TV star Judge Robert Rinder!

150 students enjoy Shabbat dinner with TV star Judge Robert Rinder!

judge rinder 2
Judge Rinder hosting his well-liked reality TV show!

Almost 150 Jewish students had a welcome respite from instant noodles and halls of residence meals last week, as Western Marble Arch Synagogue hosted the first in a series of Friday Night Dinners with TV star Rob Rinder.

The hearty Shabbat meal – which cost just £5 a head – was organised by a cohort of campus Jewish Societies, and brought together students from more than 20 London universities.

Over 130 attendees were entertained by an after-dinner speech from reality TV star Judge Robert Rinder, who stepped out from behind the cameras – and judge’s bench – to regale the audience with inside stories from the legal industry.

Dina Hochhauser, the lead organiser of the weekly dinners, said the initiative hopes to bring “students of disparate backgrounds to come together each week for a shared experience that is meaningful both socially and religiously”.

The UCL student added that the events, hosted in association with the Union of Jewish Students and University Jewish Chaplaincy, are accessible to students “of all religious levels”.

The Shabbat dinners are set to continue throughout the coming academic year, and will include a special function for Shabbat UK next week (October 23rd).

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