Jewish playlist! 10 essential songs for your summer mixtape!

Jewish playlist! 10 essential songs for your summer mixtape!

Sara Marshall picks out ten amazing Israeli and Jewish artists that are just what you need to get into that great summer mood!

The Secret Sea – The Afterlife


This six piece ensemble based in Tel Aviv have created their own musical sound. Formed in 2011 and fronted by Emit Erez, their harmonious charm is bound to put you in that great summer, feel-good mood!

The Angelcy – We Love You

The Angelcy are another Israeli based ensemble band, whose eclectic range of instruments gives them a youthful-folksy sound. The lead singer, Rotem Bar Or’s, soothing voice is calming and uplifting – just perfect for that chilled summer vibe.

Jess Glynne – Hold My Hand

Jess Glynne, who is mainly famous for her collaboration with Clean Bandit, has graced us with this new song just in time for summer. This catchy song is definitely a big summer tune and goes perfectly with your music player’s replay button!

Sarit Hadad – Yala Lech Habaita Moti (Go Home Moti)

Of course you can’t have a complete summer playlist without including a throwback song! This one comes from the Israeli sensation Sarit Hadad and is guaranteed to have you up on your feet and dancing round the house (who cares what the neighbors say?!)

Nina Fine – Faking Love

London based singer Nina Fine has a pure and soulful voice which flawlessly encapsulates that lazy summer afternoon feeling. Her bubbly piano accompaniment adds a jazzy warmth to the song that will have you finger-drumming and foot-tapping in no time!

Adam Levine – Lost Stars

Famous for his lead position in Maroon 5, Adam Levine is an artist who always delivers and never disappoints. This song, written for and featured in the film Begin Again, is one for those quiet, glowing and relaxing summer evenings.

Tamar Eisenman – Sun

Although based in Jerusalem, Tamar discovered both her love for music and her sound whilst living in San Francisco with her family. This song’s bluesy-folksy nature gives it an upbeat and happy sound that makes it almost impossible to listen to without smiling.

Ester Rada –SinnerMan

Esther Rada, an Ethiopian-Israeli singer, provides the perfect combination of ambient and jazzy music which is summer in a nutshell. This song is guaranteed to go down a treat when played at your annual back-garden barbeque.

Ace and the Gulls – Girl

This up and coming New York based band’s connection to the Jewish community is through guitarist and vocalist Andrew Sobelsohn. The band’s alternative Arctic-Monkeys-meets-The-Beatles sound is one that is not to be missed this summer.

Acollective – Had it Once

This band, formed in one band member’s parents’ basement in Tel-Aviv never had the intention of becoming a full-time band – but we are grateful that they did. The band’s aim was to transcend musical boundaries and they have done so successfully, resulting in a unique and individual sound which just has summer written all over it.


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