Jodie Cavendish

Jodie Cavendish

A group of young Jews and Muslims from North London have teamed up for Mitzvah Day to help a charity get samples from potential stem cell or bone marrow donors.

The mixed-faith team will be packing hundreds of spit kits on Tuesday 24 November for the Anthony Nolan Trust, which matches donors to those who need life-saving transplants.

It follows the 2013 Spit4Mum campaign by Jonni Berger, whose mother Sharon desperately needed a matching donor, which was most likely to come from someone with Ashkenazi heritage. Thousands of London’s Jews signed up.

Now, 30-year old HGS resident Jodie Cavendish has taken on the mantle, cycling to Paris to raise money for Anthony Nolan and now organising a Spit Kit Social to help the charity send out 30,000 kits, which include the saliva samples tubes.

“When a friend asked me to get a group of volunteers together for Mitzvah Day, I thought it would be a great idea,” she said. “As lots of Jewish and Muslim people live in the area, I wanted to make sure our event represented both faiths.”

Many have signed up to the Anthony Nolan register, but have not yet received a spit kit, she explained. “Getting this group together means more donors will be added to the list, increasing the chances of finding a match for those desperately in need.”