Edgware, and a bunch of bananas.

Naomi and Adam Palmer

Yes… Edgware has some bananas!

You may think India or Uganda are the world’s largest banana producers – but Edgware may soon be a serious contender.

Thanks to London’s current heatwave, Naomi and Adam Palmer found some delicious bananas sprouting in their north-west London garden. “We originally bought three small banana plants,” says Mrs Palmer.

“They seem to have multiplied and we now have about 30. Who would have thought this could happen in Edgware?”

The Palmers bought their banana trees about six years ago, and have seen flowers and bananas blossom this year, thanks to the near-tropical weather. But what will they do with their new fruits? Banana bread? Banana crumble? Or just eat them plain?

“They probably won’t be big enough to eat,” Mrs Palmer says. “But it would be lovely to make a banana flambé!”