World Roundup: Jewish conspiracies and Mafioso methodologies

World Roundup: Jewish conspiracies and Mafioso methodologies

From the first ever apology for Hungary’s role in the Holocaust to one in eight Poles saying Jews use Christian blood in rituals, its our patented World Roundup, dated 30/01/14.[divider]

Country: Italy

Boxes of pig heads were sent to Rome’s main synagogue, the city’s Israeli embassy building and to a museum showing a Holocaust exhibition. The head of the country’s Jewish community said it “recalled typically Mafia methodology” adding that Italian Jews would not be frightened by it.

Country: Sweden

Medical associations in Sweden and Denmark representing up to 85% of those countries’ physicians have recommended banning non-medical circumcision of boys. The Swedish ethics council said: “We cannot approve a procedure in which the risk is so great for serious complications.”

Country: Poland

A new poll for the World Zionist Organisation in Poland revealed that almost two thirds of respondents thought there was a Jewish conspiracy to control international media and finance, one in five thought the Jews killed Jesus and one in eight said Jews use Christian blood in rituals.

Country: Germany

A petition to remove the head of Berlin’s Jewish community has been called into question after several signatories denied signing it. Others were found to have died or moved away. It comes after community president Gideon Joffe was listed as one of the 100 most embarrassing Berliners.

Country: United States

A technology billionaire has invited ridicule by comparing criticism of the rich with the Nazi persecution of Jews. Venture capitalist Thomas Perkins, whose wealth is estimated at $8 billion, invoked Kristallnacht when discussing “the rising tide of hatred of the successful one percent”.

Country: Hungary

Officials in Budapest have issued the first ever apology for the role Hungary played during the Holocaust. It comes at a time of bitter debate over the country’s wartime record, having enacted anti-Semitic laws from 1920 and helped deport over 600,000 Jews to the Nazi death camps.

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