Country: Vatican

Pope Francis is to receive a Chumash (a Torah in printed form) in a Vatican presentation on Thursday, with his friend Rabbi Abraham Skorka in attendance. It is a creation of young Spanish-Italian publishers as part of The Torah Project. The Pope will then add it to the city’s iconic art collection.

Country: United States

A prisoner in Tennessee serving a 56-year sentence for the disappearance of his wife and a plot to murder her parents is suing the state because his kosher food isn’t good enough. Perry March filed a 200-page lawsuit alleging religious discrimination, saying the quality of his provisions were not nutritious.

Country: Sweden

Furniture manufacturer IKEA has apologised for publishing a catalogue for Charedi men featuring no women. The chief executive for the Swedish firm in Israel, where there are three stores, said: ‘We realise that people are upset. The publication does not live up to what IKEA stands for and we apologise.’

Country: New Caledonia

A new Chabad House has opened in a far-flung Pacific atoll known for its barrier reef and scuba diving. New Caledonia, a special French collectivity, is home to about 250 Jews among its 250,000 residents. The dozen islands have beaches lined with palm trees, marine-rich lagoons and luxury boutiques.