The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will take their children on their tour of Germany and Poland, where they’ll visit a former Nazi camp and meet survivors.

William and Kate will travel with Prince George and Princess Charlotte during their five-day trip, which begins on July 17 in Poland’s capital Warsaw and ends in the German city of Hamburg on July 21.

The Royal couple will meet survivors of the Holocaust and Nazi oppression during their trip as they acknowledge the complex 20th century histories of each country.

In Poland, they will tour the former Stutthof concentration camp where 65,000 people died at the hands of their captors, and also visit Berlin’s Holocaust museum and memorial in the German capital.

Karen Pollock, Chief Executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust said:
“At the Trust we always say that ‘hearing is not like seeing’. Stutthof was a place where tens of thousands died at the hands of the Nazis. Those who could not work, were sent to the gas chamber. Having visited Stutthof myself, I know that seeing a site like this – a site where thousands of Jewish people lost their lives – is a powerful experience that never leaves you.”
Entrance to the Stuffhof concentration camp

Entrance to the Stuffhof concentration camp

A Kensington Palace spokesman said: “The Duke and Duchess are very much looking forward to this tour and are delighted with the exciting and varied programme that has been put together for it.

“They have decided that their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, will travel with them and we expect the children to be seen on at least a couple of occasions over the course of the week.

“They look forward to a busy and impactful tour, and are grateful that they will have the opportunity to meet the Polish and German people – such important friends of the United Kingdom – as a family.

During the tour of Poland and Germany the children are likely to be seen only during arrivals and departures at the two countries.

The Cambridges are making the trip at the request of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

In Poland they will also visit the site of Gdansk’s shipyards, the birthplace of Poland’s Solidarity movement that helped topple Communist rule.

Chancellor Angela Merkel will hold a private meeting with the royal couple in Berlin at the start of the German leg of their tour, and afterwards William and Kate will visit the Brandenburg Gate, a symbol of German unification.


The royal couple will fly to and from the countries in a private charter plane which they will use for some of the internal legs of the visit.

Their official entourage will include 12 people, their adviser Sir David Manning, private secretaries Miguel Head and Rebecca Priestley, a four-strong communications team, an equerry, tour secretary, two logistics officers and a personal assistant.

The Cambridges’ Spanish-born nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, who trained at the prestigious Norland College, and a hairdresser, will also join them but will be paid for privately.