Daniel tries to secure the best price for a kosher chicken in tonight's episode of The Apprentice

Daniel tries to secure the best price for a kosher chicken in tonight’s episode of The Apprentice

Daniel Lassman takes this week’s The Apprentice back to familiar ground by haggling over a kosher chicken at the Temple Fortune branch of Kosher Deli, writes Suzanne Baum.

As project manager of Team Tenacity, the 27-year-old grabs the chance to use his negotiating skills to knock down the price of a chicken in this week’s task – that challenges the candidates to buy nine items, all of which have featured in tasks over the last 10 years, at the best possible prices.

“I’m Jewish,” says Lassman to teammate Felipe as he hears about the kosher chicken item and immediately heads to Temple Fortune. On entering the Kosher Deli, pub quiz owner Lassman is filmed greeting manager Yakov Dadia with “Shalom.”

To a soundtrack of Hava Nagila, Lassman is seen schmoozing Mr Dadia as he successfully manages to negotiate knocking down a £6.19 chicken to £4. “My family comes here quite a lot,” he tells Mr Dadia, before calling him “a gentleman” as the deal is struck.

“I only knew on the day that the show wanted to come and film in my shop,” said Mr Dadia, who is very excited to watch tonight’s programme. “Lassman was so polite but extremely firm and although I didn’t really want to negotiate with him he talked me round as he put me on the spot.

“There was a lot of haggling between us which is edited in the show.”

Lassman, who got engaged a few months ago, is not the only contestant seen mixing in the Jewish community in tonight’s episode. Trying to get a deal on diamonds, fellow contestants Sanjay and Roisin are filmed visiting jewellers in Hatton Garden, with negotiations taking place in front of a small Menorah.

For Lassman – who has been fortunate to survive boardroom firing in the last two week’s episodes – it remains to be seen if he succeeds in leading his team to victory tonight.

However, the good news for him is that he bagged the chicken-unlike in series four of The Apprentice when the contestants made the faux pas of trying to find a kosher chicken at a halal butcher’s in 2008.