Yavneh College students celebrate their amazing results! (Photo credit Marc Morris)

Yavneh College students celebrate their amazing results! (Photo credit Marc Morris)

Report by James Graham

Jewish schools around the country have been celebrating another year of successful of GCSE results.

Nervous year 11 students from Yavneh College, JFS, JCoSS, Hasmonean, Immanuel College and King Solomon collected their grades on Thursday.

Yavneh College saw 41 percent of its students get A*/A grades with 85 percent getting A*-C.

Spencer Lewis, Headteacher of Yavneh College, said “These grades are down to a lot of hard work and there is so much to be really proud of. Our GCSE results together with last week’s incredible A Level results go a long way in showing why Yavneh College is such an outstanding school.”

They had 3 sets of twins collecting GCSE results today, including Sophie and Georgia Kennedy who are also celebrating their birthday. The girls’ mother was “shocked and very proud” of her daughters who are “very hard workers.”

Ethan and Zack Alexander, another set of twins, did “better than expected” and are “overall very happy.” The boys are very competitive with each other and are both looking forward to studying maths, further maths, chemistry and physics before studying Mechanical Engineering.

Other high achievers include Aliza Cohen (6A*, 2A and 2B) and Jemma Jacobs (7A* 2A 1B). They are “relieved and feeling over the moon.” They were “happy with how exams went” but they never expected to have done so well.

Immanuel College in Bushey also had record-breaking results with 84 percent of grades at A* to B grades.

Headteacher, Charles Dormer, has wished “congratulations and mazeltov to our students, and to all their friends and peers who have worked so hard!”. 

King Solomon High School saw 60 percent of students receive A* to C grades. The school said they were “pleased to announce an eight percent increase in the number of students achieving at least five A* to C grades.” Daniel Lewish-Green and Megan Ward are two of the high achievers, who achieved 18 A*s between them. 

Elsewhere, Jonathan Miller – Headteacher of JFS – praised the “dedication, hard work and determination” of his students after results showed nearly 50 percent  of all GCSE entries being at either A* or A grade. He said they “truly deserve the excellent grades they have achieved in this Summer’s exams.”

Lili Balkin, JFS, 10A*s

All smiles from Lili Balkin, JFS, with 10A*s

Outstanding performers from JFS include Jacob Arbeid and Raphael Korber-Hoffman who both achieved 12 A*s.

The inaugural set of GCSE results from JCoSS 86 percent of grades between A* – C grade. Patrick Moriarty, headteacher at JCoSS is “delighted that so much hard work and dedication from students and staff alike has resulted in a magnificent first set of GCSE results. History has certainly been made.”

JCoSS’ high performers include Joel Avigdor (12A*), Nikita Ostrovsky (11A*) and Harley Benson (10A*)

For the fifth year in a row Hasmonean High School have had results of over 50 percent  at A* or A. This year’s figure of 59 percent  represents their best figures to date. The Executive Headteacher, Mr Andrew McClusky, said “Once again, Hasmonean has a great deal to celebrate. Congratulations to all of our students who achieved their target grades and to the staff who worked so hard to enable them to do so.”