The boycott of an Israeli journalist by a Palestinian women’s group is threatening to overshadow the final day of Boris Johnson’s Middle East visit. 

Noga Tarnopolsky

Noga Tarnopolsky

The London mayor is today due to visit the Palestine Women’s Business Forum, where he will hear pitches from young women. 

But  Noga Tarnopolsky, who is reporting on the visit for the Jewish Chronicle, was informed last night that she was not welcome at the event. 

It’s  understood that the British consul general was asked to pass on news of the boycott, which was then relayed to which is yet to explain its decision.

She told the Jewish News: It’s unfortunate that young Palestinian women entrepreneurs will be hampered in getting their story out due to a ban imposed by activists who don’t have their best interest in mind.”

The move threatens to overshadow the final day of the mayor’s visit, which is to include a meeting with Palestinian prime minister Rami Hamdallah. 

The mayor has repeatedly condemned boycotts of Israel during the trip.