This Jewish mother-of-two hopes to inject ‘light hearted humor’ into the European Union debate that will be prominent in the coming months, writes Natasha Sporn.

Mandy Boylett, 51, thinks politics can be ‘quite a dry subject’ and hopes her recent video, written by her to the tune of Baddiel, Skinner & The Lightning Seeds’ famous ‘Three Lions’ song, can liven it up.

The lyrics to the video, which now has over 400,000 hits on Youtube, include topical European Union (EU) issues such as trade and immigration, are strung together with the chorus “Britain’s coming home.”

Mandy herself is the daughter of a German Jew who left Nazi Germany just before World War II. She adds that she attended Synagogue as a little girl, but hasn’t been to one for many years.

David Baddiel, who co wrote the original reacted on Twitter by saying he and his co-writer Frank Skinner hadn’t given their permission, but “it was so naff, they might’ve anyway.”