Matisyahu performed at Rototom reggae festival after being reinvented following a ban for not endorsing a Palestinian state.

The American rapper known for blending Orthodox Jewish themes with reggae performed in Valencia on 22 August, and played one of his earliest songs called ‘Jerusalem’.

Initially, the artist was labelled “a Zionist” who was “seen to represent Israel” by the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, and was told to sign up to a Palestinian state by festival organisers. When he refused, his appearance was cancelled.

Following the ban, a Spanish government and media criticised the decision, with the government saying “puts into question the principle of non-discrimination”.

Matisyahu played to around 20,000 people on Saturday night, and was received warmly.

The artist said on social media ‘tonight was not easy’, following the ban. He told the crowd: “”Whoever you are and wherever you come from raise a flag and wave it in the air.”

“Let music be your flag.”

Festival-goers also held multiple Palestinian flags, and some reports claimed he was heckled.