Catholic leaders in the Polish capital have ordered churches to ring bells to mark 75 years since the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

A top Bishop and Cardinal signed a letter calling for the move to “commemorate fatalities of this heroic revolt”, on Thursday 19 April.

The initiative, to mark, to mark 75 years since the uprising in 1943, saw bells rung in all of churches under the remit of Bishop Romuald Kamiński, of Warsaw and Praga Diocese, and Kazimierz Nycz, Archbishop of Warsaw.

The letter says: “On account of 75th Anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, custom of previous years, on Thursday, 19th of April at 12.00 pm the bells have to ring in all of the Warsaw Archdiocese’s churches and Diocese of Warsaw and Prague to commemorate fatalities of this heroic spurt.”

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Catholic leaders Kazimierz Nycz and Romuald Kamiński told their churches to ring bells to honour victims of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising