A Norwood supporter who battled back from a traumatic injury which nearly left him paralysed is now getting set to represent GB at the Winter Swimming World Championships in Estonia.

Warren Phelops suffered the injury from a rugby game in 2002, and having recently completed a six-month fundraising challenge, will now be competing for his country in March.

The 52-year-old raised £500 for Norwood by swimming in Hampstead Ponds every day for the six months leading up to Christmas Day, and then decided to apply for the GB team, with him since having been accepted to represent them.

He said: “Since my injury, I’ve been limited in which sports I can pursue, so I can’t do anything high-impact. But I’ve still been very active in sporting challenges including cycling for charity with my friend (and long-time Norwood fundraiser) Ashley Fulton.”

Hoping the figure for Norwood will rise throughout the year, he said: “I only hear good things on how Norwood is run and the marvellous things it does for the community. I also think it’s important to support one’s community and I am particularly interested in supporting those that Norwood cares for – vulnerable children and their families, children with special educational needs and people with learning disabilities.”