Only Hezbollah’s military wing is proscribed in this country but, absurdly, given its own leaders admit they are one in the same thing, the political wing is not.

So it was no surprise that the organisers of Sunday’s Al Quds hate-fest felt emboldened to publish online the following directive ahead of the march: “You can bring a Hezbollah flag to show support for the political wing of Hezbollah.”

This week's Jewish News front page

This week’s Jewish News front page

And the marchers took that lead; on flags, banners, draped around young children, the symbol of Hezbollah (featuring, for those unclear about the group’s aims, a rifle and dagger) littered the streets of London in scenes that shamed our city and country.

You could almost hear the organisers laughing at the law.

Chuckles which turned to belly laughs when they started openly pinning disclaimers on to rifle-emblazoned flags, seeking to make out support was reserved for the political wing. You couldn’t make it up.

You can view the campaign to ban Hezbollah here.

Hezbollah has been responsible for some one of the worst terrorist outrages against Jews. Its leader, Hassan Nasrallah, said: “If Jews gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.”

Today, in association with the Zionist Federation, we launch a campaign for the flag to be banished from our streets. It’s nothing short of a disgrace that such a call must now be repeated.

There can no longer be any room for interpretation when it comes to public shows of support for a murderous group that has Jews in its crosshairs simply for being Jewish.