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Voice of the Jewish News

The Royal Family has long been a source of affection for most of the Jewish community, reflecting a loyalty that the re-housed neo-Nazis could never appreciate. That the Royals reciprocate, with so many other demands on their time, is something to cherish.

Yet not only do they reciprocate, they actually take the time to understand the issues, the history – the reason why we do things as we do.
The Queen added to that understanding significantly with her visit to Bergen-Belsen last week, which – as a senior Israeli politician said – is very much part of the story, both of the state of Israel and of the Jewish people.

This week Prince Charles, the future King, became Patron of World Jewish Relief.

He is already Patron of the Jewish Museum. You don’t do these things without first learning about what these organisations do, why they do it, and without signing up to their values. This comes, of course, on the back of Prince William’s speech to 1,500 people at a Jewish Care dinner earlier this month, where he also showed an appreciation for the community, its modus operandi and raison d’etre.

So, long live the Queen, Princes Charles and William, and long may they continue to set an example for the rest of the country.