Voice of the Jewish News

Voice of the Jewish News

There is a misconception among many that Jewish life in Europe and the UK is doomed; that it’s not safe to walk the streets as an identifiable Jewish person – let alone publicly celebrate one’s faith.

Chanukah in the Square is the ultimate response to such misconceptions, as well as the oft-made claims that British Jews prefer to keep a low profile for fear of putting their heads above the parapet.

Every year, with the support of the Mayor of London, thousands of Jews and non-Jews descend on one of the most famous (and public) spaces in the capital, from where ‘Maoz Tsur’ proudly and loudly rings out.

It is without doubt one of the highlights of the communal calendar.

That doesn’t mean the community here should be complacent about the fact the UK and Jews everywhere have long been on the terrorist target list – as we have been so tragically reminded in recent months.

But this is no more or less the case after Paris and there is no change to the UK threat assessment.

The police and CST are working hand in glove in taking every possible step to ensure the safety of this joyous occasion and others across the country.

We must not let evil dictate our lives.

We look forward to seeing many thousands of Jewish News readers in Trafalgar Square next Thursday.