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Voice of the Jewish News

No words do justice to the debt civilisation owes Sir Nicholas Winton, but allow us just a few.

Sir Nicky, who passed away last week at the ripe old age of 106, was the great British hero of mankind’s darkest hour.

He saved 669 precious children from Hitler, who boarded boarded eight trains from Austria and Czechoslovakia bound for Liverpool Street Station.

There was a ninth. 250 child refugees were due to set off from Prague en route to the UK in September 1939. With the outbreak of war, however, their journey to safety was halted by the Nazis. These were the kinder who would not escape the scourge of the Third Reich. Rather than make the journey to London these youngsters would make a journey to the ghettos and gas chambers of Europe.

Without Sir Nicky’s intervention, a further 669 infant souls would have been lost.