Former Liberal Democrats leader Sir Menzies Campbell has claimed that Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians is one of the main reasons for the rise of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria).

Sir 'Ming' Campbell

Sir Menzies Campbell claims Israel is one of the main reasons for the rise of ISIS.

Campbell made the outrageous claim during an interviewed on The Daily Politics, hosted by Andrew Neil.

Campbell asks Neil: “What are the causes of the rise of ISIS and Al-Qaeda?”, before answering his own question by claiming that “one of the principle causes is the continued dispute between Israel and the Palestinians”.

His claim was promptly dismissed by Neil, who criticised his guest, saying: “What are you talking about? ISIS never talk about Israel.. It [ISIS] is entirely born out of events in Syria..”

The veteran MP is set to stand down from Parliament at the 2015 General Election.

 WATCH the full clip, here: