Presidency for dummies

Presidency for dummies..

Israel’s 91 year old evergreen former president has gone job hunting, in a satirical new video produced by the Peres Center for Peace.

The now former head of state shows that despite no longer being the president, he is very much not slowing down!

After clearing his presidential office, Peres goes to the unemployment office, only to find out that his vast range of skills are not quite right.

He tries everything from pumping gas to working security to delivering pizza to skydiving, in a very funny series of skits, in which he recalls his boundless achievements. 

Peres pumping gas

Peres pumping gas

It is clearly intended as a light hearted clip, but it does reflect the vast contribution of Peres to Israel beyond just his presidency.

And who knows? Maybe an acting career now awaits? Watch it here: