Israel’s outgoing ambassador the the United Nations has made his final speech to the General Assembly. 

Ron Prosor spoke to the UN on the same day the assembly supported to raise a Palestinian flag with 119 out of the 193 UN members states voting for. 

He finished his four year tenure by saying: “I look forward to the day the flags of our two peoples will be raised side by side, and Israelis and Palestinians live together in peace.
However, instead of trying to guide the Palestinians down the path to peace, you are helping them to ride right off the tracks.”

“You must tell the Palestinians: Enough with empty symbols, enough with political showmanship, enough with hijacking the UN agenda. Stop stalling, and start negotiating.”

Ambassador Prosor continued: “In my time here, I have seen the Palestinians use and abuse the UN, time and again. The sad part is: that you allow them to get away with it. You must make it clear to the Palestinians that the only way to achieve statehood is through direct negotiations. As long as the Palestinians believe they can achieve their political goals without making concessions, they will continue to avoid taking the difficult decisions needed for peace.”

“The real question we face today is not whether the Palestinians will raise a flag, but whether the UN will raise a white flag, and surrender the principles of this institution.”