A pro- Palestinian demonstrator has been filmed calling for the genocide of 6 million Jews, and denying the Holocaust.

Filmed during Wednesday’s protest against the visit of Benjamin Netanyahu to the UK, the Israel Advocacy Movement’s Joseph Cohen spoke with the controversial pro- Palestinian activist Pamela Hardyment during which she made the shocking claims.

When Cohen asks what should happen to the Israelis when Israel stops existing, Hardyment responds “I don’t care, they can f*** off for all I care.”

“Go into the sea. They aren’t coming here,” adding that people would “march against Zionists coming here as refugees.”

Cohen then asks whether she would “want a genocide against Israelis? Six million Jews there. Wiped out. Would you want to re-do the Holocaust?”

The activist responds: “Er, I don’t know what the Holocaust is.”

“I want them out of Israel.”

A passer by then says “you’ll have to kill them all”, to which Hardyment says “So be it.”