A ‘terrifying’ clip has emerged of a man verbally and physically assaulted members of a synagogue before being wrestled to the ground.

A screenshot from the video, in which the confrontation too place.

A screenshot from the video, in which the confrontation too place.

The video shows him screaming at a group of Jewish men outside the Adass Synagogue in Melbourne, Australia, before lunging out in a physical attack. 

At the start of the exchange, the man pictured in the red t-shirt appears to shout “aboriginal”, before one of a Jewish man says “big deal”.. “I’m Australian.”

The abusive man continues his tirade, repeatedly saying “go back to Israel”, before adding “you think you can rule this country” and “you wanna swear to Allah.”

Shortly after, he becomes physically aggressive, lunging at one of the Jewish man, putting his hands around his neck in an attempt to bring him to the floor.

The Jewish man, with the help of others around him, grapple him to the floor. They pin his arms and legs to end the assault, before the police are called. 


Terrifying scenes at Adass Synagogue in Melbourne today. In the event of an emergency call Police 000 then CSG on 1300 000 274.Posted by The Australian Jewish News on Thursday, 26 November 2015

Comments on the Australian Jewish News’ Facebook page, where the video was posted, suggested he may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

A number of users called the attack ‘terrifying’, and praised the restraint of the Jewish men who were the target of the abuse. 

The video was one of at least five that were recorded highlighting the abuse, but others could not yet be posted according to AJN.