By Carla Bernstein

A woman who was feared to have been captured by ISIS has returned safely to Israel.

Gill Rosenberg, a thirty-one year-old Israeli, born in Canada, returned home to Israel after spending several months fighting on the front-lines in with Kurdish forces against Islamic State.

Rosenberg claimed ‘it’s good to be home’, adding she doesn’t plan ‘on going back there [both Iraq and Syria] anytime soon’ according to Ynetnews .

On witnessing the humanitarian crisis Syria, she commented ‘It’s a country at war’, and the effects of the war on the civilians are prevalent.

Making Aliyah in 2006 from Canada, she uploaded pictures whilst out in Iraq and Syria  – and her activity was well documented in Israeli media. 

Despite initial concern over her wellbeing, Rosenberg stressed the importance of combatting genocide, as she believes there is ‘no difference between Jews and anyone else, never again means never again for anyone’.