Nothing says ‘romance’ like an £8 ‘homeless pack,’ according to four Jewish siblings from London, whose project providing essential items for rough sleepers is making its Valentine’s Day appeal.

The couples behind the Linkey Initiative have asked the Jewish community to think twice about spending their money on over-priced Valentine’s meals and instead opt for a night in, giving the money they’d have spent to someone less fortunate.

Weather forecasts predict that this year’s Valentine’s Day will be one of the coldest on record, and the team’s special £8 pack contains a pair of thermal gloves, a toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel and deodorant.

Once purchased it will be delivered by the Linkey team to a homeless shelter or rough sleeper in or around London at the group’s next ‘drop off’ later this month.

Government figures released last month suggest that the number of people sleeping rough on the streets of England has increased to 4,751, the highest number since current records began.

Despite the numbers, councils across the country are now fitting anti-homeless fixtures in public areas, such as metal bars across benches, so the Linkey team’s Valentine’s initiative is being launched with the hashtag #ADifferentKindOfLove

“Our campaign encourages people to channel their frustration and anger at the homelessness problem into a small, positive action,” said a spokesman.

“On the day that typically celebrates love, but is often denounced for its commercialisation, those who want to show they care, can help make the lives of homeless people just that little bit easier.”