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The United States holocaust museum is now displaying images of over 50 000 victims of Syria’s conflict, from a defect of Bashar al Assad’s regime.

Over 50 000 images taken by former photographer of Assad regime photographer  are now in an exhibition entitled ‘Genocide: The Threat Continues.

The defector, codenamed ‘“Caesar,” testified in July to the US Congress, outlining himself as a witness to a “genocidal massacre” and admitted capturing images of more than 10,000 bodies as part of his job.

Cameron Hudson, the director of the museum’s Center for the Prevention of Genocide outlined that “They [the images] show a side of the Syrian regime that hasn’t really been really seen. You might have heard about it, read about it, but when you’re confronted with these images, they’re impossible to ignore.”

Hudson continues: “They’re powerful images, and viewers are immediately reminded of the Holocaust”.

The US Holocaust Museum also created this video.