University College London hold a service on campus

University College London held a service on campus (Source: UCL on Facebook)

The Union of Jewish Students (UJS) “stands in solidarity with the Jewish community in France”, and are “grieving for the loss of innocent life” in the recent terror attacks in France.

A statement from UJS said that “In light of the Home Secretary’s recent warnings, we are working closely with the CST and local campus security units to ensure that all our students and members remain safe on campus over the coming weeks and months.”

“It is important for our students to remain vigilant and cautious in both their own personal safety online and on campus, and enforce the protective measures for their planned events.’”

Across the UK and Europe, Jewish Student societies held vigils, paid tributes and attended memorials for the murdered victims of the Charlie Hebdo and Super Cacher hostage siege in the previous week. 

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