flyersThe Union of Jewish Students have been awarded ‘campaign of the year’ at the annual World Union of Jewish Students gala dinner, for their J.E.W. (Jewish Experience Week) campaign.

The campaign aims to give students on campus an experience of Jewish culture, customs and an idea of the range of Jewish people there are.IMG_3738

Jewish Societies participate in a number of ways, setting up stalls in their student unions’ buildings and sharing food and information, interfaith bagel lunches, Friday Night Dinners for all faiths and a speaker tour with two Ethiopian Jews who were studying in Israel.

The campaign engaged over 3,500 students across over 25 campuses in the UK and is planned to run for a second year with J-Socs all around the country holding various days or a week of activities and events.

During a previous event, Abshir Weli, a Somali student at Leicester University told Jewish Students running the event that “Today was such a refreshing experience, it enlightened me and taught me many things that I did not know, events like this build the necessary bridges to overcome pre-misconceptions which are barriers to unity between faiths.”100 percent kosher 2