Two Southampton football club fans have been banned from Premier League games for three years after making Nazi salutes and hissing, in mimicry of the regime’s gas chambers. 

Thomas Flynn, 22, and Michael Haydon, 23, pleaded guilty to using threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour in a religiously-aggravated public order offence, following a Southampton match against Tottenham Hotspur in December. Spurs are known as having a traditionally Jewish fan-base, of which their supporters are proud.

“There was a white male raising his right hand and finger below his nose and making hissing sounds imitating gas escaping,” said prosecutor Charles Nightingale.

Hayden, who was reportedly drunk, and Flynn were found to have made “fascist salutes” and “racist gestures” during the match, before being reported by Spurs fans. Haydon’s lawyer later described her client’s behaviour as “out of character” and “a blip,” adding: “He is horrified and ashamed.”

Both men have also been given fines and curfews.