Jewish girls will get the chance to attend coding lessons by social media giant Twitter in a workshop designed for 11-13 year olds of all faiths.

The interfaith coding lesson, organised by Faiths Forum for London, will see 30 places up for grabs, for girls who may be interested in pursuing a career in technology, or who are just interested.

The organisation said the “inspirational” workshops were now in their fourth year and introduced girls of different faiths not only to the world of technology but also to each other.

“The partnership between business and faith sectors is a refreshing model of true collaboration,” said Rabbi Natan Levy of Faiths Forum for London. “While the students learn about the tech, they are learn about each other’s shared values.”

He added: “It is wonderful to see the students asking important questions about each other’s communities and gaining an understanding of different faiths. Those who take part find there are more similarities between them than differences.”

The schools taking part in this year’s workshops include Yavneh College and Hasmonean Girls, plus two Muslim schools, Al-Sadiq and Al-Zahra School and Ayesha Community School, and a Catholic school, Ursuline High School.

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