The long-time contribution of the Zionist Federation’s former president, Eric Moonman, was honoured in a warm tribute at Sunday’s annual dinner.

Chair of the ZF Paul Charney and the current president, Estelle Gilston paid tribute to Mr Moonman, a former Labour and SDP MP who died in December last year.

Succeeding him, Ms Gilston said, meant “filling some very large shoes”, and she and Mr Charney spoke at length about Mr Moonman, whom they described as a mentor in the ZF.

The two also praised Gillian, Mr Moonman’s widow, and said the couple had been a partnership in every sense, not least in supporting the Zionist cause. They presented Mrs Moonman with a picture of the couple together with Israel’s late president, Shimon Peres. Mr Charney announced that a plaque would be affixed in a museum on Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl in Eric Moonman’s name, on behalf of the Zionist Federation.