French people are being urged to wear kippot in solidarity with its Jews against rising anti-Semitism, this Friday.

Users on Twitter posted messages with the hashtag ‘#TousAvecUneKippa’ (everyone with a kippa), after a community leader in Marseille this week, suggested Jews should stop wearing the head covering.

The call came after a Jewish teacher was attacked with a machete in broad daylight, and a politician was stabbed to death in his home.

Zvi Ammar, the president of the Marseille Israelite Consistory, said it was an “exceptional decision”, adding that “life is more sacred than anything else. We are now forced to hide a little bit. Unfortunately for us, we are targeted. As soon as we are identified as Jewish we can be assaulted and even risk death.”

France’s Chief Rabbi Chaim Korsia dismissed the call as defeatist, saying:

“We should not give an inch. We should continue wearing the kippah.”

Twitter users posted supportive messages, featuring well known figures wearing a kippa, including David Beckham, Michael Jackson and even a cropped image of the Mona Lisa, with a yarmulke.