A British high-street brand owned by Jewish billionaire Phillip Green was this week forced to apologise for selling clothing featuring Nazi insignia.

Topman, part of Green’s Arcadia empire, immediately withdrew the £205 Horace hooded jacket,

The jacket included an SS emblem called the Odal rune

The jacket included an SS emblem called the Odal rune

A spokesman for fashion chain said: “The jacket was not designed by Topman. We apologise for any offence caused.”

It is the latest gaffe by high-street retailers, after Topman rival H&M was forced to take similar action two weeks ago after shoppers complained about a vest top featuring a skull and the Star of David.

Earlier this week, a German furniture store chain apologised for selling coffee mugs featuring portraits of Adolf Hitler, sourced from a Chinese supplier.

Zurbrüggen ordered 5,000 of the vintage-style ceramic mugs, which featured a faint image of a Nazi-era postage stamp depicting a black-and-white profile of Hitler postmarked with a swastika stamp.

Owners said it was due to a “stupid chain of unfortunate circumstances” and added that every customer who bought a mug would get a €20 gift voucher.