idf3Three Israeli soldiers were injured when a Palestinian attacker has rammed his vehicle into them at a West Bank checkpoint.

The attacker was shot and wounded at the scene by Israeli forces.

This latest incident comes as US Secretary of State John Kerry arrives in the region to try and calm two months of deadly violence. The visit follows the deadliest week so far in the latest outburst of violence that erupted in mid-September over tensions surrounding a sensitive Jerusalem holy site and quickly spread across Israel and into the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Nineteen Israelis have died, mostly in stabbings, while 89 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire. Of them, 57 are said by Israel to have be killed during attacks.


Mr Kerry will meet Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and other senior Israeli officials before travelling to the West Bank for discussions with Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas.

He said the US is prepared to re-engage in a serious peace effort, and “we have ideas for how things could proceed”.

He added: “But this street violence doesn’t provide any leader with a framework within which they can look their people in the eye and say, ‘There’s a reason to be sitting down and talking about this or that’.

“People aren’t in the mood for concessions. They’re in the mood for being tough.”